Definition of "frugal" []

  • Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use of material resources. See Synonyms at sparing. (adjective)
  • Costing little; inexpensive: a frugal lunch. (adjective)
  • Practising economy; living without waste; thrifty (adjective)

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  • Not costly; meagre (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "frugal" in a sentence
  • "Pent-up demand, as well as what I call frugal fatigue are starting to kick in."
  • "Just keep in mind that being frugal is not a bad thing, but being cheap is not so attractive."
  • "The point you make about being frugal is one of the most amazing things Buffett has stuck to."