Definition of "fructification" [‖Fruc•ti•fi•ca•tion]

  • The producing of fruit. (noun)
  • A seed-bearing or spore-bearing structure. (noun)

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Use "fructification" in a sentence
  • "The group, too, has benefited from the decrease in prejudice towards Jews and women and the fructification that can come from interaction in a diverse society."
  • "The specimens received under this name, were branches of a species of Pandanus, which, for want of the parts of fructification, could not be ascertained."
  • "Here's a quote from Barbara Walker's "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets:" "After castrating Set, Horus spread his blood on the fields to render them fertile - the usual fructification-by-male-blood found in the oldst sacrificial Mysteries.""