Definition of "frog" []

  • Any of numerous tailless, aquatic, semiaquatic, or terrestrial amphibians of the order Anura and especially of the family Ranidae, characteristically having a smooth moist skin, webbed feet, and long hind legs adapted for leaping. (noun)
  • A wedge-shaped, horny prominence in the sole of a horse's hoof. (noun)
  • A loop fastened to a belt to hold a tool or weapon. (noun)
  • An ornamental looped braid or cord with a button or knot for fastening the front of a garment. (noun)
  • A device on intersecting railroad tracks that permits wheels to cross the junction. (noun)
  • Any insectivorous anuran amphibian of the family Ranidae, such as Rana temporaria of Europe, having a short squat tailless body with a moist smooth skin and very long hind legs specialized for hopping (noun)

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  • Any of various similar amphibians of related families, such as the tree frog (noun)
  • Any spiked or perforated object used to support plant stems in a flower arrangement (noun)
  • A recess in a brick to reduce its weight (noun)
  • To hunt or catch frogs (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "frog" in a sentence
  • "I want you.... *flips over card* To make a frog cake. *stares at cake looking for the resemblence between fraken frog and a real frog* The resemblance: They are both green."
  • "Tales were told of the sun under his frog name; later people forgot that _frog_ meant "sun," and the result was the popular tale, _A Frog, He Would"
  • "We used the phrase "frog in your throat" then, and we'll use it again now."