Definition of "footless" [foot•less]

  • Having no feet. (adjective)
  • Lacking a firm support or basis; unsubstantial. (adjective)
  • Informal Not competent or skillful; inept. (adjective)

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Use "footless" in a sentence
  • "What Larry now did, as he got into the taxi, he would have called footless and foolhardy an hour before, and at any other hour his judgment might have restrained him."
  • "(a) what is simply without some power, but also (b) what is adapted by nature to have it but has not it or has it only in a very low degree, as when we say that a species of swallow is 'footless' or that"
  • "With a little hard work and a lot of time, a headless, footless and handless body soon stood in my apartment."