Definition of "flora" []

  • Plants considered as a group, especially the plants of a particular country, region, or time. (noun)
  • A treatise describing the plants of a region or time. (noun)
  • The bacteria and other microorganisms that normally inhabit a bodily organ or part: intestinal flora. (noun)
  • All the plant life of a given place or time (noun)

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  • A descriptive list of such plants, often including a key for identification (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "flora" in a sentence
  • "An indicator of the degradation of the flora is the allochthonous species that have established themselves in the wild, already accounting for 42%."
  • "Probiotic soap will optimize healthy skin flora and help remove harmful pathogens as well as dirt and sweat."
  • "These special places come in many forms: botanical gardens, arboretums, college and university gardens, glass-covered conservatories, nature centers, even zoos, where you may find flora from the habitat of the fauna on display."