Definition of "fender" []

  • A guard over each wheel of a motor vehicle, for example, that is shaped and positioned so as to block the splashing of water or mud. (noun)
  • A device at the front end of a locomotive or streetcar designed to push aside obstructions. (noun)
  • A cushioning device, such as a bundle of rope or a piece of timber, used on the side of a vessel or dock to absorb impact or friction. (noun)
  • A screen or metal framework placed in front of a fireplace to keep hot coals and debris from falling out. (noun)
  • A low metal frame which confines falling coals to the hearth (noun)

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  • A metal frame fitted to the front of locomotives to absorb shock, clear the track, etc (noun)
  • A cushion-like device, such as a car tyre hung over the side of a vessel to reduce damage resulting from accidental contact or collision (noun)
  • The part of a car body that surrounds the wheels (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fender" in a sentence
  • "Reverse gear works very well and the lever actuator located on the front right fender is convenient to engage."
  • "Some of my friends have been involved in fender benders (no injuries) with their personal cars."
  • "Bobcats 'Felton sustains injuries in fender-bender"