Definition of "fail" []

  • To prove deficient or lacking; perform ineffectively or inadequately: failed to fulfill their promises; failed in their attempt to reach the summit. (verb-intransitive)
  • To be unsuccessful: an experiment that failed. (verb-intransitive)
  • To receive an academic grade below the acceptable minimum. (verb-intransitive)
  • To prove insufficient in quantity or duration; give out: The water supply failed during the drought. (verb-intransitive)
  • To decline, as in strength or effectiveness: The light began to fail. (verb-intransitive)
  • To be unsuccessful in an attempt (at something or to do something) (verb)

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  • To stop operating or working properly (verb)
  • To judge or be judged as being below the officially accepted standard required for success in (a course, examination, etc) (verb)
  • To prove disappointing, undependable, or useless to (someone) (verb)
  • To neglect or be unable (to do something) (verb)
  • To prove partly or completely insufficient in quantity, duration, or extent (verb)
  • To weaken; fade away (verb)
  • To go bankrupt or become insolvent (verb)
  • A failure to attain the required standard, as in an examination (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fail" in a sentence
  • "'You can't fail,' she said, '_I won't let you fail_!'"
  • "[Illustration: "And he," she said, "has still a chance if -- I fail you?"] "Of course -- if you _fail_ me.""
  • "We shall not fail -- if we stand firm, we _shall not fail_."