Definition of "factorial" [fac•to•ri•al]

  • (noun) The product of all the positive integers from 1 to a given number: 4 factorial, usually written 4!, is equal to 24 (1 × 2 × 3 × 4 = 24).
  • (adjective) Of or relating to a factor or factorial.

Use "factorial" in a sentence

  • "AL CARDENAS, EMERGENCY ROOM PHYSICIAN: The types of injuries were multi-factorial, that is, head injuries, orthopedic injuries, abdominal, intra-abdominal injuries."
  • "The results of these studies have led to what is called the factorial hypothesis of heredity, [45] according to which all the visible characters of the adult are produced by (purely hypothetical) factors in the germ-plasm; it is the factors that are inherited, and they, under proper conditions for development, produce the characters."
  • "∗ The exclamation mark is called a factorial and represents the product of consecutive integers from 1 to the number before the factorial symbol."

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