Definition of "eyespot" [eyespot]

  • A small, light-sensitive patch of pigment in certain algae and unicellular organisms. (noun)
  • A simple visual organ of certain invertebrates consisting of a sensory ending covered by light-sensitive, pigmented cells. (noun)
  • A rounded eyelike marking, as on the tail of a peacock. (noun)
  • Botany Either of two fungal diseases that affect grasses and are characterized by oval lesions. (noun)

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Use "eyespot" in a sentence
  • "And here were pairs of brown butterflies called, I believe, the small heath, with a distinctive eyespot on the wing, observed when they came to rest, wings always closed."
  • "No stigmata, no eyespot for her infamy, no language yet for lies when Lester and Josephine Jukes come to take her away."
  • "Carrying this thought further, how could Lamarckism create a complicated organ like the eye, or even a simple eyespot?"
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