Definition of "expurgation" [ex•pur•ga•tion]

  • The act of expurgating, purging, or cleansing; purification from anything noxious, offensive, sinful, or erroneous. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "expurgation" in a sentence
  • "For example, if you’re asked if you’ve ever been convicted, when do you still have to say “yes” (because it * did* happen), and when can you answer no since the expurgation is supposed to let you pretend it never happened?"
  • "Suzman says the letter in the novel is an expurgation of how he wished he could have been with his mother."
  • "Upon a closer investigation, however, it became evident that the task of expurgation would prove to be a most formidable one, and that a great mass of extraneous matter would require to be inserted in explanation of motives which were wholly personal and therefore to be omitted from the book."