Definition of "expressionless" []

  • Lacking expression: Their faces remained expressionless as they listened to the bad news. (adjective)
  • The act or an instance of transforming ideas into words (noun)

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  • A manifestation of an emotion, feeling, etc, without words (noun)
  • Communication of emotion through music, painting, etc (noun)
  • A look on the face that indicates mood or emotion (noun)
  • The choice of words, phrases, syntax, intonation, etc, in communicating (noun)
  • A particular phrase used conventionally to express something (noun)
  • The act or process of forcing or squeezing out a liquid (noun)
  • A variable, function, or some combination of constants, variables, or functions (noun)
  • The effect of a particular gene on the phenotype (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "expressionless" in a sentence
  • "It is characterized by an expressionless face, slow initiation of motor activity, loss of secondary movements (such as arm swing, which gives the patient a stiff, frozen appearance), and micrographia (handwriting becomes small and choppy)."
  • "Make your mouth straight not a smile, not a frown, just straight, what might used to have been called expressionless."
  • "It's just that ... you know how everyone still has an expression on their face even when they're so-called expressionless?"