Definition of "ewe" [ewe]

  • (noun) A female sheep, especially when full grown.
  • (noun) a female sheep
  • (noun) (as modifier)

Use "ewe" in a sentence

  • "ur weekend sounz likka funtime…..ewe said trubyoot bands–enny of teh real members taht ewe no of? eye juss finnish teh new book bout teh eagles by don felder, so imma awl inta teh sebentees moosic nao…."
  • "If a ewe is having one lamb, she can be left on her own in the fields."
  • "I learned in the talk by Dr. Cathy Dwyer of Scottish Agricultural College titled “Variation in maternal behavior affects offspring behavior and development in sheep”, that these breed-typical behaviors are based on subtle behavior cues coming from both the mother sheep, called a ewe, and the baby sheep, called a lamb."

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