Definition of "eur" [eur]

  • A form of the suffix -or in abstract nouns, occurring in recent words from the French, as in grandeur, and mostly pronounced as French, as in hauteur. (noun)
  • An abbreviation of Europe or of European. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "eur" in a sentence
  • "Chaple of our Lady in the Near unto the chaple of St. S t e p »n n, was fomettme afmaller chaple,. called eur lady in the Piew: but by whom founded I cannot find."
  • "Appropriate commenting and linking results in the formation of a community of people joined by mutual interests and respect crayzee flaming notwithstanding, though seeing "-eur" appended to all kinds of nouns has become pretty amusing."
  • "Speaking of "-eur", I swear that I once saw embroidered on the back of a cheesy jacket the words "AMATURE GOLDEN GLOVES"."