Definition of "enjoyment" []

  • The act or state of enjoying. (noun)
  • Use or possession of something beneficial or pleasurable. (noun)
  • Something that gives pleasure: Classical music was her chief enjoyment. (noun)
  • Law The exercise of a right. (noun)
  • The act or condition of receiving pleasure from something (noun)

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  • The use or possession of something that is satisfying or beneficial (noun)
  • Something that provides joy or satisfaction (noun)
  • The possession or exercise of a legal right (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "enjoyment" in a sentence
  • "My theme is humble, though the audience to whom I desire to speak is large: for I speak to the ordinary reader with ordinary capacities and ordinary leisure, to whom reading is, or ought to be, not a business but a pleasure; and my theme is the enjoyment -- not, mark you, the improvement, nor the glory, nor the profit, but the _enjoyment_ -- which may be derived by such an one from books."
  • "But our enjoyment is as beautiful listening to a variety of songs on a CD as it is reading a collection of poems."
  • "There are some of you who know how much what you call enjoyment has cost you."