Definition of "echo" []

  • Repetition of a sound by reflection of sound waves from a surface. (noun)
  • The sound produced in this manner. (noun)
  • A repetition or an imitation: a fashion that is an echo of an earlier style. (noun)
  • A remnant or vestige: found echoes of past civilizations while examining artifacts in the Middle East. (noun)
  • One who imitates another, as in opinions, speech, or dress. (noun)
  • The reflection of sound or other radiation by a reflecting medium, esp a solid object (noun)

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  • The sound so reflected (noun)
  • A repetition or imitation, esp an unoriginal reproduction of another's opinions (noun)
  • Something that evokes memories, esp of a particular style or era (noun)
  • An effect that continues after the original cause has disappeared; repercussion (noun)
  • A person who copies another, esp one who obsequiously agrees with another's opinions (noun)
  • The signal reflected by a radar target (noun)
  • The trace produced by such a signal on a radar screen (noun)
  • The repetition of certain sounds or syllables in a verse line (noun)
  • The quiet repetition of a musical phrase (noun)
  • A manual or stop on an organ that controls a set of quiet pipes that give the illusion of sounding at a distance (noun)
  • An electronic effect in recorded music that adds vibration or resonance (noun)
  • To resound or cause to resound with an echo (verb)
  • (of sounds) to repeat or resound by echoes; reverberate (verb)
  • (of persons) to repeat (words, opinions, etc), in imitation, agreement, or flattery (verb)
  • (of things) to resemble or imitate (another style, earlier model, etc) (verb)
  • (of a computer) to display (a character) on the screen of a visual display unit as a response to receiving that character from a keyboard entry (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "echo" in a sentence
  • "Luckily, I found this script from Travis: @echo off echo * IMPORTANT* echo This will kill all open instances of Notepad. echo To cancel, end this batch file now (ctrl+c), ..."
  • "But after a week or two of negative reviews of his performance from commentators across the political spectrum - this is the sort of thing that begets the term "echo chamber" - the debate's effect on Mr. Perry was very much amplified, and he lost 10 or 15 points in the polls."
  • "Those who support the name echo the argument made by fans of other teams with American Indian mascots - that it is part of the school's heritage and is a sign of respect that honors proud American Indian traditions."