Definition of "earthside" []

  • On the planet Earth (adjective)
  • When on the planet Earth (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "earthside" in a sentence
  • "But I still think it remains a fair question: Would the not-unsubstantial investment in an MSR mission designed to ferry a cache of tiny surface scratchings to earthside labs be all that more efficient/cost-effective than sending along a team of trained geologists to manage the collection with a robust on-site laboratory available for immediate assessment of specimen value?"
  • "While I have reservations regarding the current Constellation architecture AND suspect that the Augustine independent review is merely a first step in implementing a retreat from the VSE's exploration aspirations, Mr. Wingo's fundamental points remain valid: the solar system offers enormous potential to solve many earthside problems, but we can't tap into that potential without a serious commitment to move toward long-term, robust industry in space."
  • "What no science fiction writer anticipated was the rise of a 'Back-to-Nature' neo-Luddite mood in the Western populace, which dismissed space travel as an expensive luxury, not to be indulged while poverty and social problems remained unsolved back earthside."