Definition of "e" []

  • The fifth letter of the modern English alphabet. (noun)
  • Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter e. (noun)
  • The fifth in a series. (noun)
  • Something shaped like the letter E. (noun)
  • A grade that indicates failing status. (noun)
  • The fifth letter and second vowel of the modern English alphabet (noun)

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  • Any of several speech sounds represented by this letter, in English as in he, bet, or below (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "e" in a sentence
  • "But I could not utter the word, so strong on the other hand, also in the dream, was my conventional awareness: countless inhibitions made the syllables stick in my throat, until, sobbing with anguish, I reached the point where the four letters: f, r, e, e -- crossed the threshold of my consciousness."
  • "It is simply stipulated on the basis of contextual considerations that c* and e* are intended to act as contrasts to c and e."
  • "Crucially, this formula is not understood as ˜e is an event that contains a swim by Ewan™ or as “e is an event in which Ewan is swimming”."