Definition of "drop" [drop]

  • (noun) The smallest quantity of liquid heavy enough to fall in a spherical mass. See Table at measurement.
  • (noun) A small quantity of a substance.
  • (noun) Liquid medicine administered in drops.
  • (noun) A trace or hint: not a drop of pity.
  • (noun) Something shaped or hanging like a drop.

Use "drop" in a sentence

  • "To go to sleep naturally we must learn how to drop all the tension of the day and literally _drop_ to sleep like a baby."
  • "Apparently because the typical rain drop is the same size as a radio wave in the 12 GHZ or DISH Network signal."
  • "You could have heard a pin drop from the silence from scottd after being drop-kicked by post #28, Cantvotewell's ACTUAL VOTE AGAINST PROHIBITING ILLEGAL ALIENS from drawing from the economically corrupt, pyramid based, transfer payment ponzi scheme known as Social Security."

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