Definition of "donor" []

  • One that contributes something, such as money, to a cause or fund. (noun)
  • Medicine An individual from whom blood, tissue, or an organ is taken for transfusion, implantation, or transplant. (noun)
  • Chemistry An atom, molecule, or ion that provides a part to combine with an acceptor, especially an atom that provides two electrons to form a bond with another atom. (noun)
  • Electronics An element introduced into a semiconductor with a negative valence greater than that of the pure semiconductor. (noun)
  • Medicine Used for transfusion, implantation, or transplant: a donor organ. (adjective)
  • A person who makes a donation (noun)

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  • Any person who voluntarily gives blood, skin, a kidney, etc, for use in the treatment of another person (noun)
  • A person who makes a gift of property (noun)
  • A person who bestows upon another a power of appointment over property (noun)
  • The atom supplying both electrons in a coordinate bond (noun)
  • An impurity, such as antimony or arsenic, that is added to a semiconductor material in order to increase its n-type conductivity by contributing free electrons (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "donor" in a sentence
  • "Throughout this article I have been careful to use the term "donor kidney," meaning one from an anonymous deceased donor, per the protocols of the national organ registry."
  • "He is the title donor for one of the homes at the Weston"
  • "I shall henceforth use the term donor-driven gender activism"