Definition of "division" []

  • The act or process of dividing. (noun)
  • The state of having been divided. (noun)
  • Mathematics The operation of determining how many times one quantity is contained in another; the inverse of multiplication. (noun)
  • The proportional distribution of a quantity or entity. (noun)
  • Something, such as a boundary or partition, that serves to divide or keep separate. (noun)
  • The act of dividing or state of being divided (noun)

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  • The act of sharing out; distribution (noun)
  • Something that divides or keeps apart, such as a boundary (noun)
  • One of the parts, groups, etc, into which something is divided (noun)
  • A part of a government, business, country, etc, that has been made into a unit for administrative, political, or other reasons (noun)
  • A formal vote in Parliament or a similar legislative body (noun)
  • A difference of opinion, esp one that causes separation (noun)
  • (in sports) a section, category, or class organized according to age, weight, skill, etc (noun)
  • A mathematical operation, the inverse of multiplication, in which the quotient of two numbers or quantities is calculated. Usually written: a ÷ b, ab, a/b (noun)
  • A major formation, larger than a regiment or brigade but smaller than a corps, containing the necessary arms to sustain independent combat (noun)
  • A group of ships of similar type or a tactical unit of naval aircraft (noun)
  • An organization normally comprising two or more wings with required support units (noun)
  • The assembly of all crew members for the captain's inspection (noun)
  • (in traditional classification systems) a major category of the plant kingdom that contains one or more related classes (noun)
  • Any type of propagation in plants in which a new plant grows from a separated part of the original (noun)
  • The fallacy of inferring that the properties of the whole are also true of the parts, as Britain is in debt, so John Smith is in debt (noun)
  • (esp in 17th-century English music) the art of breaking up a melody into quick phrases, esp over a ground bass (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "division" in a sentence
  • "_corps d'armée_ staff, the _Head-Quarters of_ [1st or 2d, &c.] _corps d'armée_; that of a division, the _Head-Quarters of_ [1st or 2d, &c.] _division_, [1st or 2d, &c.] _corps d'armée_."
  • "More on blissful ignorance: Finley complains that I use the term division of labor as a "euphemism" for social stratification."
  • "The title division of the Indiana Department of Insurance didn't exist until 2006,"