Definition of "distinctive" []

  • Serving to identify; distinguishing: distinctive tribal tattoos. See Usage Note at distinct. (adjective)
  • Characteristic or typical: "Jerusalem has a distinctive Middle East flavor” ( Curtis Wilkie). (adjective)
  • Linguistics Phonemically relevant and capable of conveying a difference in meaning, as nasalization in the initial sound of mat versus bat. (adjective)
  • Serving or tending to distinguish (adjective)

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  • Denoting one of a set of minimal features of a phoneme in a given language that serve to distinguish it from other phonemes. The distinctive features of /p/ in English are that it is voiceless, bilabial, non-nasal, and plosive; /b/ is voiced, bilabial, non-nasal, and plosive: the two differ by the distinctive feature of voice (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "distinctive" in a sentence
  • "The next, a more reasoning and original tone of thought as respects our own distinctive principles and _distinctive situation_, with a total indifference to the theories that have been broached to sustain an alien and an antagonist system, in"
  • "In the endeavor to make his title distinctive and attractive the novice is liable to fall into the error of making it cheap and sensational."
  • "St. Paul takes over the Septuagint translation of Jahweh ho kyrios, and makes this title distinctive of Jesus."