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Definition of "diamond" []

  • An extremely hard, highly refractive crystalline form of carbon that is usually colorless and is used as a gemstone and in abrasives, cutting tools, and other applications. (noun)
  • A piece of jewelry containing such a gemstone. (noun)
  • A figure with four equal sides forming two inner obtuse angles and two inner acute angles; a rhombus or lozenge. (noun)
  • Games A red, lozenge-shaped figure on certain playing cards. (noun)
  • Games A playing card with this figure. (noun)

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Use "diamond" in a sentence
  • "-- The real identity of the two words explains Milton’s use of ‘diamond’ in _Paradise Lost_, b. 7; and also in that sublime passage in his _Apology for Smectymnuus_: “Then zeal, whose substance is ethereal, arming in complete _diamond_”."
  • "I didn't know that the word diamond comes from the Greek word "Adamas" which means unconquerable."
  • "Dayzatari say that diamonds are the thoughts of stars, fallen to earth, and the Pelorian name for diamond translates as "starthought.""