Definition of "dhow" [dhow]

  • Nautical Any of various lateen-rigged sailing vessels, typically having a raised poop, a raked stem, and one or two masts, used along the coasts of the Indian Ocean. (noun)

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Use "dhow" in a sentence
  • "A dhow is a traditional Arab trading craft usually limited in size to about 40-100 feet and motor or sail powered."
  • "The work of arranging the stuff in the dhow was the most difficult of all, because we dared not light a lantern, yet we also dared not stow things carelessly for fear of confusion when the hour of action came."
  • "Even before the sun grew high the dhow was a comfortless indecent thing, more crowded than anything Noah can have had to tolerate: and we lacked Noah's faith in omniscient guidance, in addition to sailing in a hotter latitude, and having more fleas on board than the pair he is reported to have carried."