Definition of "dha" [dha]

  • A measure of length used in Burma; a rod, equal to 154 English inches. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "dha" in a sentence
  • "Wow after all the media has done to help Obama especially cnn with all the hype of the new messiah and 8 years of Bush we're at a tie, dha is it possible Obama is a flawed candidate and yet his problems are just starting with his partner in corruption Tony Rezko who was found guilty yesterday and another video showing Michelle Obama on a racist rant in june 2004."
  • "If the higher tone, dha, should be flatted, giving it the same pitch as the upper quarter of the lower tone, pa, the Hindoo musician would not speak of dha as being flat, but would say instead, "Serveretna has been introduced to the family of Santa and her sisters.""
  • "There are some sounds boxes of our mother tongue which are become hurdles for improving the pronunciation like dha sound in our mother tounge which is not present in English"