Definition of "detroit" []

  • A city in SE Michigan, on the Detroit River: a major Great Lakes port; once the largest car-manufacturing centre in the world. Pop: 911 402 (2003 est) (noun)
  • A river in central North America, flowing along the US-Canadian border from Lake St Clair to Lake Erie (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "detroit" in a sentence
  • "Mathew in detroit, were your pathetic post any more fact free, it would need to be placed in the children's fiction section"
  • "John on Apr 29, 2008 it better be based in detroit again crime is still out of control here"
  • "My wife worked as a child services social worker in detroit for 2 years about 12 years ago. she has told me stories that will curl your toenails."
  • "i see him on tv. will detroit be like the other “town hall meetings,” or will he be able to find black people in detroit? —"
  • "If you’re in detroit, I recommend making a slum-tourist visit to the place."