Definition of "detail" []

  • An individual part or item; a particular. See Synonyms at item. (noun)
  • Particulars considered individually and in relation to a whole: careful attention to detail. (noun)
  • A minor or an inconsequential item or aspect; a minutia: skipped the details to get to the main point. (noun)
  • A minute or thorough treatment or account: went into detail about his travels. (noun)
  • A discrete part or portion of a work, such as a painting, building, or decorative object, especially when considered in isolation. (noun)
  • An item or smaller part that is considered separately; particular (noun)

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  • An item or circumstance that is insignificant or unimportant (noun)
  • Treatment of or attention to items or particulars (noun)
  • Items collectively; particulars (noun)
  • A small or accessory section or element in a painting, building, statue, etc, esp when considered in isolation (noun)
  • The act of assigning personnel for a specific duty, esp a fatigue (noun)
  • The personnel selected (noun)
  • The duty or assignment (noun)
  • To list or relate fully (verb)
  • To select (personnel) for a specific duty (verb)
  • To decorate or elaborate (carving, etc) with fine delicate drawing or designs (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "detail" in a sentence
  • "Exactly how to best do that in detail is what they want more information about, but just knowing that much was quite helpful in terms of focusing their efforts."
  • "The field of evolutionary developmental biology, which studies the genetics of morphology in detail is now a rapidly expanding one, with many of the developmental genetic cascades, particularly in the fruitfly (Drosophila), now catalogued in considerable detail."
  • "But I think the overwhelming demand for evidence in detail is really creating a burden for forces."