Definition of "demo" [demo]

  • (noun) A demonstration, as of a product or service.
  • (noun) A brief tape or recording illustrating the abilities of a musician or other performer.
  • (noun) Informal A product, such as an automobile, used for demonstration and often sold later at a discount.
  • (noun) Informal Demolition.

Use "demo" in a sentence

  • "Hi everyone, perhaps my question seems a little bit stupid, but it puzzles me a lot. pls look at the code below: var Cc = Components. classes; var Ci = Components. interfaces; var demoid = "@demo. org / ns / demo; 1"; var comcc = Cc [demoid]; var comin = comcc. createInstance (Ci. idemo);"
  • "It reminds you that his demo is the classic version of That's Entertainment."
  • "Today musicians use what they call demo tapes that are mailed out to record companies or music publishers in hopes of selling their work."

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