Definition of "date-tree" [date-tree]

  • The date-palm. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "date-tree" in a sentence
  • "Quoth the pigeon, How can I do this, I that am a bird and unable to go beyond the date-tree whereon is my daily bread?"
  • "In Sind I derided the “native nonsense,” passed the night under an “Indian date-tree” and awoke with a fine specimen of ague which lasted me a week."
  • "Here and there, from among these whitewashed mounds round about, a minaret rose, or a rare date-tree; but the chief part of the vegetation near was that odious tree the prickly pear, — one huge green wart growing out of another, armed with spikes, as inhospitable as the aloe, without shelter or beauty."