Definition of "cutaway" [cut•a•way]

  • (noun) A man's formal daytime coat, with front edges sloping diagonally from the waist and forming tails at the back.
  • (noun) A brief shot that interrupts the main action of a film, often to depict related matter or supposedly concurrent action.
  • (noun) A model or diagram of an object with part of the outer layer removed so as to reveal the interior.
  • (noun) Sports An inward dive.

Use "cutaway" in a sentence

  • "Battery pack in cutaway Leaf frame from NAIAS 2010 – Inhabitat about mission submit a story shop advertise with us support us press contact sign up"
  • "Battery pack in cutaway Leaf frame from NAIAS 2010"
  • "Granted, the tastelessness can get a bit too mean-spirited, and Guy's fondness for scattershot jokes can be wearing; whenever anyone makes a comparison, you know some extraneous cutaway is coming."

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