Definition of "crypt" [crypt]

  • An underground vault or chamber, especially one beneath a church that is used as a burial place. (noun)
  • Anatomy A small pit, recess, or glandular cavity in the body. (noun)

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Use "crypt" in a sentence
  • "The term crypt is sometimes used to signify the lower story of a two-storied building, e.g. the lower chapel of the"
  • "We actually talked to a man who's been inside that mausoleum, and he said there are what he calls crypt keepers inside who keep the people who don't own property, as he put it, inside, or shouldn't be in there, they keep them out."
  • "Perhaps Walt Disney and Madame Tussaud were inspired by places like this, but the Capuchin crypt will not remind you of their worlds, for in spite of all the talk about the great lengths the monks have gone to in order to create lifelike effects, it feels like somewhere that fell into disuse long ago."