Definition of "cosplay" []

  • This sense?) (countable) A costume that imitates a (usually fictional) character, especially from Japanese media (such as manga, anime, tokusatsu, video games, and Japanese pop music bands). (noun)
  • This sense?) (uncountable) The subculture centered on people wearing such costumes. (noun)
  • The art or practice of costuming oneself as a (usually fictional) character. (noun)
  • This sense?) A skit or instance of such play. (noun)
  • To costume oneself as (a character). (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "cosplay" in a sentence
  • "The tradition of dressing up for conventions is something that goes much further back than the term cosplay, however."
  • "Anyway, yes, Walter say, that guy in Ohio who does Nazi-themed cosplay is weird."
  • "Usually cosplay is only half hearted and something to laugh at."