Definition of "corpus" []

  • A large collection of writings of a specific kind or on a specific subject. (noun)
  • A collection of writings or recorded remarks used for linguistic analysis. (noun)
  • Economics The capital or principal amount, as of an estate or trust. (noun)
  • Economics The principal of a bond. (noun)
  • Anatomy The main part of a bodily structure or organ. (noun)
  • A collection or body of writings, esp by a single author or on a specific topic (noun)

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  • The main body, section, or substance of something (noun)
  • Any distinct mass or body (noun)
  • The main part of an organ or structure (noun)
  • The inner layer or layers of cells of the meristem at a shoot tip, which produces the vascular tissue and pith (noun)
  • A body of data, esp the finite collection of grammatical sentences of a language that a linguistic theory seeks to describe by means of an algorithm (noun)
  • A capital or principal sum, as contrasted with a derived income (noun)
  • A human or animal body, esp a dead one (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "corpus" in a sentence
  • "The term corpus here denotes a collection of documents; corpus juris,"
  • "We cannot better explain the signification of the term corpus juris canonici than by showing the successive meanings which were assigned to it in the past and which it usually bears at the present day."
  • "Chemical Eye on Cage Compounds - Habeas corpus is Latin for "You should have the body"."