Definition of "coom" [coom]

  • Soot, smut (noun)
  • Dust (noun)
  • Grease (noun)
  • Eye dialect spelling of come. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "coom" in a sentence
  • "The whole side of the peat-stack had tumbled bodily into the great "black peat-hole" from which the winter's peats had come, and which was a favourite lair of Jock's own, being ankle-deep in fragrant dry peat "coom" -- which is, strange to say, a perfectly clean and even a luxurious bedding, far to be preferred as a couch to "flock" or its kindred abominations."
  • "Most had been on Everest for more than a month, hauling gear to the base camp and then furnishing successively higher temporary camps along the glacial valley known as the Western Cwm (pronounced "coom")."
  • "Then th 'feller sammed up th' coppers, an 'coom'd reight to whear we wor, an' climbed ovver th 'wall."