Definition of "conclusion" []

  • The close or last part; the end or finish. (noun)
  • The result or outcome of an act or process. (noun)
  • A judgment or decision reached after deliberation. See Synonyms at decision. (noun)
  • A final arrangement or settlement, as of a treaty. (noun)
  • Law The close of a plea or deed. (noun)
  • End or termination (noun)

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  • The last main division of a speech, lecture, essay, etc (noun)
  • The outcome or result of an act, process, event, etc (esp in the phrase a foregone conclusion) (noun)
  • A final decision or judgment; resolution (esp in the phrase come to a conclusion) (noun)
  • A statement that purports to follow from another or others (the premises) by means of an argument (noun)
  • A statement that does validly follow from given premises (noun)
  • An admission or statement binding on the party making it; estoppel (noun)
  • The close of a pleading or of a conveyance (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "conclusion" in a sentence
  • "The main conclusion is that the majority of the governments have been backsliding; that is, they have taken concrete actions that actually run counter to the commitments signed at previous summits."
  • "Their main conclusion is that the high returns earned on stocks over the last 75 years on average are not indicative of high returns in the future."
  • "Here also, in conclusion, is a favorite poem of mine by Donald Hall … which reaches across some of the culture barriers that exist and addresses the real work at hand for all if us – readers and poets."