Definition of "combination" []

  • The act of combining or the state of being combined. (noun)
  • The result of combining. (noun)
  • An alliance of persons or parties for a common purpose; an association. (noun)
  • A sequence of numbers or letters used to open a combination lock. (noun)
  • Mathematics One or more elements selected from a set without regard to the order of selection. (noun)
  • The act of combining or state of being combined (noun)

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  • A union of separate parts, qualities, etc (noun)
  • An alliance of people or parties; group having a common purpose (noun)
  • The set of numbers that opens a combination lock (noun)
  • The mechanism of this type of lock (noun)
  • A motorcycle with a sidecar attached (noun)
  • An arrangement of the numbers, terms, etc, of a set into specified groups without regard to order in the group (noun)
  • A group formed in this way. The number of combinations of n objects taken r at a time is n!/[(n – r)!r!]. Symbol: nCr (noun)
  • The chemical reaction of two or more compounds, usually to form one other compound (noun)
  • A tactical manoeuvre involving a sequence of moves and more than one piece (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "combination" in a sentence
  • "Using several signal systems in combination is similar to adding more pipes to a water system."
  • "Many Egyptians rolled their eyes at what they described as the combination of political ambition and the Brotherhood's tactic of accommodation that they said had historically been employed by the group."
  • "An idea combination is a really dark area (the mountains in the desert southwest are good candidates) and your eyes and possibly a nice pair of image stabilized binoculars (10x50 or 14x50 canons are really nice - I have a pair of 15x50s)."