Definition of "comb" []

  • A thin toothed strip, as of plastic, used to smooth, arrange, or fasten the hair. (noun)
  • An implement, such as a card for dressing and cleansing wool or other fiber, that resembles a hair comb in shape or use. (noun)
  • A currycomb. (noun)
  • The fleshy crest or ridge that grows on the crown of the head of domestic fowl and other birds and is most prominent in the male. (noun)
  • Something suggesting a fowl's comb in appearance or position. (noun)
  • A toothed device of metal, plastic, wood, etc, used for disentangling or arranging hair (noun)

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  • A tool or machine that separates, cleans, and straightens wool, cotton, etc (noun)
  • The fixed cutter on a sheep-shearing machine (noun)
  • Anything resembling a toothed comb in form or function (noun)
  • The fleshy deeply serrated outgrowth on the top of the heads of certain birds, esp the domestic fowl (noun)
  • Anything resembling the comb of a bird (noun)
  • A currycomb (noun)
  • A honeycomb (noun)
  • The row of fused cilia in a ctenophore (noun)
  • To use a comb on (verb)
  • To search or inspect with great care (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "comb" in a sentence
  • "II. i.26 (189,3) you crow, cock, with your comb on] The allusion is to a fool's cap, which hath a _comb_ like a cock's."
  • "They do not sting like those of Castile and thus they easily remove the comb from the hives, which are small and not of cork, of which there is none in the country, but of the trunk of certain trees, bored or chiseled through lengthwise, with a very wide hole, so that it is left hollow."
  • "Upon reaching the house, the comb is put in a box and the bees settle in it to the ringing of the little bell."