Definition of "cognizance" [cog•ni•zance]

  • Conscious knowledge or recognition; awareness. (noun)
  • The range of what one can know or understand. (noun)
  • Observance; notice: We will take cognizance of your objections at the proper time. (noun)
  • Law Acknowledgment, recognition, or jurisdiction; the assumption of jurisdiction in a case. (noun)
  • Heraldry A crest or badge worn to distinguish the bearer. (noun)

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Use "cognizance" in a sentence
  • "Clearly, under the law, the agency that has cognizance is the NBDB."
  • "However, we have here much the same management of Paul's case as we had in the foregoing chapter; cognizance is here taken of it, I."
  • "The first who came under his cognizance was a poor fellow just freed of a fever, which bad weakened him so much that he could hardly stand."