Definition of "code" []

  • A systematically arranged and comprehensive collection of laws. (noun)
  • A systematic collection of regulations and rules of procedure or conduct: a traffic code. (noun)
  • A system of signals used to represent letters or numbers in transmitting messages. (noun)
  • A system of symbols, letters, or words given certain arbitrary meanings, used for transmitting messages requiring secrecy or brevity. (noun)
  • A system of symbols and rules used to represent instructions to a computer; a computer program. (noun)
  • A system of letters or symbols, and rules for their association by means of which information can be represented or communicated for reasons of secrecy, brevity, etc (noun)

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  • A message in code (noun)
  • A symbol used in a code (noun)
  • A conventionalized set of principles, rules, or expectations (noun)
  • A system of letters or digits used for identification or selection purposes (noun)
  • To translate, transmit, or arrange into a code (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "code" in a sentence
  • "Expertise in PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX* Ability to write well-abstracted, reusable code for common UI components in PHP and Javascript* Ability to create interfaces that are fast, consistent across browsers, and demonstrate an intimate knowledge of browser quirks and best practices* Extremely detail oriented down to pixel-perfect implementation* Experience crafting efficient, optimized, and speed-minded code* 3+ years of experience building web or desktop applications* B.A./B.S. in Computer Science or a related technical fieldBonus*"
  • "I wonder if it's possible to run a code from a variable? code = msgbox, hello run, % code%"
  • "With Rails 2.1, you'll actually get the secret code in @code, even though it comes from a private method of the account object."