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Definition of "clerigo" [clerigo]

  • In the Philippine Islands, a cleric who has taken orders and is dedicated to the service of the church, but who is not a member of a monastic order. (noun)
  • In Porto Rico, a flycatcher, Tyrannus taylori. (noun)
  • A parish clerk. See clerk, 3. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "clerigo" in a sentence
  • "Had he known Las Casas better he would have adopted other tactics, for the clerigo was not the kind of man to attack."
  • "“Great was the blindness or ignorance — if indeed it was not malice — of those gentlemen to believe that the clerigo would ever fulfil those horrible and absurd conditions, knowing him to be a good Christian, not covetous, and ready to die to liberate and help in saving those people from the condition in which they were held.”"
  • "“We are witnesses to prove that that is impossible” replied the others, and the discussion which ensued awakened the clerigo who thus received the disheartening tidings, which he was inclined to believe, of the total destruction of his hopes."