Definition of "class-conscious" [class-conscious]

  • Aware of belonging to a particular socioeconomic class. (adjective)
  • Supportive of class solidarity. (adjective)

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Use "class-conscious" in a sentence
  • "But in its less class-conscious setting across the Atlantic, the American hello took on a different aspect."
  • "Hierarchy has always been a big part of cricket, from the class-conscious gentlemen-and-players attitudes of the English authorities for most of their history to the seniority-based pecking orders of some South Asian teams, and this is just one way in which the newer versions of the game, especially T20, are overthrowing the old order and generating a new elite."
  • "The philosophy of the survival of the fittest does not soothe the class-conscious worker when he learns through his class literature that among the Italian pants-finishers of Chicago {9} the average weekly wage is $1.31, and the average number of weeks employed in the year is 27.85."