Definition of "churchmen" [churchmen]

  • Plural form of churchman. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "churchmen" in a sentence
  • "Those who are at the head of science provide us with the one party; those whom we call our churchmen are the other."
  • "Coleridge and Alexander Knox have changed the minds, and with them the acts, of thousands; and when they are accused of having originated, unknowingly, the whole "Tractarian" movement, those who have watched English thought carefully can only answer, that on the confession of the elder Tractarians themselves, the allegation is true: but that they originated a dozen other "movements" beside in the most opposite directions, and that free-thinking Emersonians will be as ready as Romish perverts and good plain English churchmen to confess that the critical point of their life was determined by the writings of the fakeer of Highgate."
  • "A blow was thereby struck at the wealth of the clergy, but the churchmen were the first to give an example of sacrifice."
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