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Definition of "chop up" [chop up]

  • To cut or chop in order to separate (verb)
  • To separate, divide something that was considered whole (verb)
  • To cause a body of water to become choppy (verb)
  • To convert a sampled audio file into short segments (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "chop up" in a sentence
  • ""Not often, but I can do it, " the older man replied, unsheathing a hand ax, adjusting its weighting slide, then stooping to chop up the battered brush and limbs."
  • "“I let her chop up the water until she was exhausted and red in the face and then I calmly stood up and said, “‘Grandma, it was all your fault.’”"
  • "And she said she will chop up the chicken livers with onions and eggs for an appetizer, and then she will buy twenty-five pounds of fish, and cook it sweet and sour with raisins, and she said she will bake all her shtrudels on pure chicken fat."
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