Definition of "chlorophyl" [chlorophyl]

  • The green coloring matter of plants; also, the substance within the mass of protoplasm which is colored by this matter. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "chlorophyl" in a sentence
  • "This coloring matter is called chlorophyl or leaf green."
  • "Because a peculiar chemical substance called chlorophyl, formed within their cells, absorbs all other rays of light, reflecting only blue and yellow -- which mixture produces the different green tints."
  • "Thus, then, the coloring matter described as chlorophyl by Lankester has really been mainly derived from that of the endodermal algæ of the variety _plumosa_, which predominates at Naples; while the anthea-green of Krukenberg must mainly consist of the green pigment of the ectoderm, since the Trieste variety evidently does not contain algæ in any great quantity."