Definition of "chancellery" [chan•cel•ler•y]

  • (noun) The rank or position of a chancellor.
  • (noun) The office or department of a chancellor.
  • (noun) The building in which such an office or department is located.
  • (noun) The official place of business of an embassy or consulate.

Use "chancellery" in a sentence

  • "'chancellery' which has an immense big writing table, another table, three chairs, bells and excellent light and telephone."
  • "Hitler also worked with his favorite architect, Albert Speer, on a complete redesign of Berlin that included an immense domed “Great Hall” connected by a three-mile-long avenue to the chancellery."
  • "Among the exceptions is an elegant dark wooden chest of drawers from Hitler's chancellery, filigreed with hundreds of swastika forms, which has been hung at a diagonal angle on a corner wall, and is further protected from possible Hitler admirers by a thin gauze panel."

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