Definition of "cab-stand" []

  • (noun) A place where cabs stand for hire.

Use "cab-stand" in a sentence

  • "The road began badly with a row of cheap, pretentious, insolvent-looking shops, a public-house, and a cab-stand, but, after an interval of little red villas that were partly hidden amidst shrubbery gardens, broke into a confusedly bright but not unpleasing High Street, shuttered that afternoon and sabbatically still."
  • "Minoret bowed to the great Unknown, wrung Bouvard by the hand, ran downstairs and hastened to a cab-stand which at that time was near the gates of a house since pulled down to make room for the"
  • "The people joked at the cab-stand about his appearance, as he took a carriage there, and told the driver to drive him to"

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