Definition of "breadth" []

  • The measure or dimension from side to side; width. (noun)
  • A piece usually produced in a standard width: a breadth of canvas. (noun)
  • Wide range or scope: breadth of knowledge. (noun)
  • Tolerance; broadmindedness: a jurist of great breadth and wisdom. (noun)
  • An effect of unified, encompassing vision in an artistic composition. (noun)
  • The linear extent or measurement of something from side to side; width (noun)

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  • A piece of fabric having a standard or definite width (noun)
  • Distance, extent, size, or dimension (noun)
  • Openness and lack of restriction, esp of viewpoint or interest; liberality (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "breadth" in a sentence
  • "When the Xbox 360 first came out, the talk was all about the graphics horsepower and the title breadth of the platform."
  • "Comcast's VOD offerings could use a serious increase in breadth and depth, sadly, this is only a 5000 subscriber trial and it's not in Houston."
  • "The decision to choose depth instead of breadth is a trade-off, of course; some subgenres (like military sf and steampunk) are omitted."