Definition of "brachiating" []

  • (adjective) That moves by the use of limbs; especially by swinging through the trees using the arms
  • (verb) Present participle of brachiate.

Use "brachiating" in a sentence

  • "What we simian, brachiating, favourite-spanner-dragging hardware types call ‘not man enough for the job’."
  • "Other David Attenborough classics from YouTube: hermaphroditic Leopard slugs mating while suspended by a twisted rope of their own comingled slug mucus, superb male Lyrebird audio mimicry camera shutters, car alarms, chainsaws in order to attract a female to admire his plumage, Capercaille mating display, brachiating Gibbons in the forests of Borneo, scary bat-hunting centipede, red Christmas Island crabs spawning by the millions."
  • "His arms and upper lip were so long that I suspected he might enjoy brachiating now and then."

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