Definition of "blade" [blade]

  • (noun) The flat cutting part of a sharpened weapon or tool.
  • (noun) A sword.
  • (noun) A swordsman.
  • (noun) Archaeology A slender, sharp-edged flake that is at least twice as long as it is wide.
  • (noun) A dashing youth.
  • (noun) the part of a sharp weapon, tool, etc, that forms the cutting edge
  • (noun) hand shears used for shearing sheep
  • (noun) the thin flattish part of various tools, implements, etc, as of a propeller, turbine, etc
  • (noun) the flattened expanded part of a leaf, sepal, or petal
  • (noun) the long narrow leaf of a grass or related plant
  • (noun) the striking surface of a bat, club, stick, or oar
  • (noun) the metal runner on an ice skate
  • (noun) a long thin flake of flint, possibly used as a tool
  • (noun) the upper part of the tongue lying directly behind the tip
  • (noun) a dashing or swaggering young man

Use "blade" in a sentence

  • "Another stomp from Kennata and the ring of my sword blade from the earth — it took only a moment."
  • "With the name “STAR” ” – – which stands for “Sweep Twist Adaptive Rotor” ” – – the blade is the first of its kind ever built."
  • "I opened it and looked at that brilliant and terrible tongue which we call a blade; and I thought that perhaps it was the symbol of the oldest of the needs of man."

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