Definition of "birring" []

  • To make or cause to make a whirring sound (verb)
  • A whirring sound (noun)
  • Force, as of wind (noun)
  • Vigour; energy (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "birring" in a sentence
  • "An enormous raccoon, tranquilly munching a smoked trout, dropped its prey at sight of her, dashed between her legs, and made off like a fat banker in flight from creditors, making loud birring noises of alarm."
  • "What secret does he bring me under those misty wings, -- that busy birring sound, like Neighbor Clark's spinning-wheel?"
  • "She did not even shiver when the front door of the basement closed, and she heard the sonorous birring of the motor, drowning the giddy voices of the servants, grow fainter and fainter until it finally ceased altogether."