Definition of "basis" []

  • A foundation upon which something rests. (noun)
  • The chief constituent; the fundamental ingredient: The basis for most liquids is water. (noun)
  • The fundamental principle. (noun)
  • A pattern or schedule for proceeding: on a weekly basis. (noun)
  • A condition for relating or proceeding: a first-name basis; a friendly basis. See Synonyms at base1. (noun)
  • Something that underlies, supports, or is essential to something else, esp an abstract idea (noun)

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  • A principle on which something depends or from which something has issued (noun)
  • (of a vector space) a maximal set of linearly independent vectors, in terms of which all the elements of the space are uniquely expressible, and the number of which is the dimension of the space (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "basis" in a sentence
  • "• Trading margin of 13. 5%; up 155 bps on a constant currency basis and 160 bps on an actual currency basis*"
  • "Telekom Austria Actual currency Constant currency Constant Group basis basis* currency basis*"
  • "But in bond-market commentary, the term basis point is permissible."